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Mourner’s Prayer without a minyan

Updated: Jul 29, 2023

Jewish law and custom requires that one observe certain rites of mourning for a parent, sibling, spouse or child, including recitation of the mourner’s kaddish. The mourner’s kaddish is recited for the elevation of the soul of the deceased. Reciting it may also bring comfort to the mourner.

Traditionally, a minyan (prayer quorum of ten) is required for the recitation of kaddish. Sometimes it is not possible to pray in a minyan during the time of one’s mourning such as if one lives in a community where there is no daily minyan, or when one is traveling in a place where there is no daily minyan, or if one attends a worship services and there is not a minyan (quorum of ten) present, or if one is not able to attend group prayer for health or other reasons.

At such times, it may beneficial for the elevation of the soul of the deceased and for the comfort of the mourner to have an alternative prayer.

Click here to download kaddish l’yachid, kaddish for an individual, attributed to Amram Gaon.

Click here to download “In Place of Kaddish when there is no Minyan” by Rabbi Dov Baer Edelstein.

Click here to download Kaddish (for when a minyan is not present) from Siddur Kol Koreh, edited by Rabbi Daniel Siegel and published by ALEPH: Alliance for Jewish Renewal.


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