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Dayenu for Peace

Updated: Jul 29, 2023

Alternative Dayenu By Michael Baugh © 1995 When the sun shines in the morning; birds are singing in the dawning; It’s a whole new day, a new chance to be free. Every time I look at problems in a way that helps to solve them, It’s a fresh new start, and that’s enough for me. Dayenu… Every day we’re free to choose To rise above the win and lose Of every situation that can come our way. Coming out of narrowness, Acknowledging our “Pharoahness”, Opening our hearts, and that’s enough for me. Dayenu… Peace to all of Yisrael, and peace to all of Yishma’el– Even siblings sometimes learn to live in peace. It’s not the golden rule I trust That we do what was done to us. There can be enough for everyone to share. Dayenu… May all beings have happiness. May we all be well and full of bliss, Peaceful in our knowledge that we all are one. Peace that passes understanding Comes when we are not demanding; When we feel this peace, then we are truly free. Dayenu… (Sing “Dayenu” twice, or as many time as you want, at this point.)


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