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Are you a mandated reporter of abuse?

Updated: Jul 29

If you are a clergy person, educator, healthcare professional, counselor, therapist, law enforcement or person working in a variety of other service professions, you may be a mandated reporter of child abuse.

The U.S. government Child Welfare website has information about laws, policies and other subjects related to the prevention and reporting of child abuse in all 50 states, on tribal lands and in the U.S. territories. Additional resources:

  • How to Report Child Abuse or Neglect

  • Mandatory Reporters of Child Abuse and Neglect

  • Reporting Laws by State

  • Child Help Hotline provides crisis counseling and referrals in 170 languages to people all over the United States. Their live counselors have referral information for reporting child abuse in every city and county in all 50 states, tribal lands, U.S. territories and certain parts of Canada. Child Help also provides other types of counseling and referrals for victims, survivors and their families. Tel:800-422-4453

  • RAINN the Abuse and Incest National Network provides resources and referrals for victims of sexual violence of all ages, including the prevention and reporting of child sexual abuse Tel:800-656-HOPE

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